Additional School News February 2015

March 5, 2015


Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

SA Exam was conducted on February 24th & 26th according to the given timetable and portion. The performance of students in this assessment will determine the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process and analysis of the same will help in planning for the next academic year.

Grade 1 to 3 (Boys)

SSCC (School Support Contact Session) was organised on February 8th. This session helped parents to track the progress of their wards and take remedial measures to improve students’ performance. They were also assisted to identify the weaker area of various subjects and strengthen the concepts before the final exams.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Inter House Science Quiz Competition was conducted on February 1st. Students of four houses participated in the final round of questions. It helped them to re-enforce critical thinking and scientific skills.

PTCS for low achievers was organised on February 17th. This session was an opportunity for one-on-one contact between the teachers and parents.


Selected KG 1 & KG 2 teachers attended Workshops on February 28th at The Conference Center, Knowledge Village, Dubai. Following were the topics:

  • ‘Little Scientist’ helped them understand how they will support student’s burning curiosity and develop their investigative skills to explore & discover the world around them, by speaker Eri Akbar.
  • ‘Playing with Phonics’ provided them with a range of fun and stimulating games & activities for teaching phonics, by speaker Michelle Blackwood.
  • ‘Let’s Talk Circle Time’ helped them explore on how they can enhance student’s confidence in speaking and listening, by speaker Saima Yasin.
  • ‘Storytelling’ shared ideas and activities to give them the confidence to get started and to tell stories that really develop student’s listening and speaking skills as well as their level of engagement, by speaker Clare Napper.
  • ‘Dramatise your Nursery Rhymes’ was a full of hands on ideas on how to incorporate in their daily practice, by speaker Charlotte Gast.
  • ‘Active Children, Active Minds’ was an opportunity for them to explore the reasons movement is so important and ways to incorporate movement into their everyday practice, by speaker Karen Burns.
  • ‘Having Fun with your Parachutes’ was a fun, interactive session with games and activities for all ages. It helped them to enhance learning in all areas of the Early Years curriculum, by speaker Karen Burns.
  • ‘Teaching Maths in the Early Years’ helped them ignite student’s fascination in Maths, raise awareness of Mathematics and show new ways of bringing Maths into student’s everyday experience at nursery, by speaker Judi Crockett.


Our students from the Football Weekend Club of grades 3 & 4 boys had a Friendly Football Match with the students attending the Rashid Pediatric Center on February 2nd.

Additional News March 2015 (Mini Sports Funtasia!)

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. - Bobby Unser

The first ever ‘MINI SPORTS FUNTASIA’, an inter-school Sports tournament was held on 12th March 2015 at The Indian High School (Junior) grounds. It was an opportunity for all young sports enthusiasts to come under one roof and display their skills. It was a one day action packed event with badminton, basketball and table tennis tournaments for children from Grades II to IV. The seven participating schools were DPS Dubai, DPS Sharjah, Buds Public School, The Millennium School, Dubai, Springdales, The Indian International School, DSO and The Indian High School, Junior.

The energy, excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by the participating schools was commendable. The Overall Rolling Trophy for the winners of the GIRLS category was won by The Indian High School, Junior with 17 points. The Millennium School took home the Runner-up trophy with 5 points. The Overall Rolling trophy for the winners of the BOYS category was won by DPS Sharjah with 11 points. The Runner-up trophy was shared by The Indian High School and The Millennium School, with 6 points each.