School News December 2014

January 6, 2015


KG 1

Grandparents Day was held on December 8th & 11th. The aim of this day was to train students to acknowledge people that matter most in their lives. Students danced and sang to the music and entertained their grandparents. Games, prizes, refreshments were also included.

Field Trip to ‘Tawar Park’ was organized on December 14th. This educational trip provided students an enjoyable and valuable learning experience outside the classroom.

KG 2

Star Class was awarded on December 1st to divisions ‘F & U’ and Green Class was awarded to divisions ‘K & Q’. Classes were observed to see the behavior, punctuality and discipline of students. Saving electricity, food, water and papers to keep their surroundings clean were the other criteria of judging.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Honesty’ was held on December 3rd. Through this assembly, students of divisions ‘F & G’ performed a skit based on the topic. It helped them to understand the importance of being honest.

Parents’ Day was celebrated from December 14th till 17th. During these days, students were given an opportunity to perform on stage in front of their parents.

Grade 1 & 2 (Girls)

Annual Day with the theme ‘Vibrant India’ was held on December 16th. During the day, students from all divisions showcased dance forms from various states of India.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

FA 3 was organised on November 7th for ‘Arabic’, on November 11th for ‘Hindi’ and on November 14th for ‘English’ subjects. This assessment helped teachers & students to assess their progress in teaching & learning.

A visit to Sparky’s Amusement Centre (Al Ghurair Centre) was conducted on December 7th, 8th & 9th for grade 1. This educational visit was an opportunity for students to interact with their friends and teachers. They enjoyed the entertainment, attractions, rides and other events.

Christmas Celebrations was held on December 17th. Through this celebration, students were made aware about the festival.

Grade 1 & 4

DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) activity was organised on December 8th. Students read a story of their choice. The objective of this activity was to emphasize the importance of reading, inculcate passion for reading and enhance their vocabulary. It also helped them to stimulate love for reading.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Together We Can’ was held on December 16th with mass participation of grade 4 division ‘J’. This assembly created awareness among students about unity in diversity.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘U.A.E. – Leaders, Recent Achievements’ was held on December 17th. During this assembly, the entire class of division ‘K’ presented a skit and songs in English, Hindi & Arabic languages. They also participated in quiz.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Hindi Rang Munch (Hindi Diwas) was held on December 15th. Students presented a cultural program. It included a skit, dances and songs. This program helped them to develop their oratory skills and make language learning an activity based subject.

Supervisors’ General Assembly was organised on December 17th. During this assembly, the Green Classes - Grade 3 & 4 division ‘N’ and Star Classes - Grade 3 division ‘L & Grade 4 division ‘P’ were announced for the month of December. It encouraged students to nurture a positive ethos and promote value based education.


Winter Camp was conducted from December 20th till 31st. This ten days camp was enthusiastically attended by KG1, KG2 & Grade 1 to 4 students. They learnt to use their holidays productively by learning new skills and enhancing their talents & hobbies. ‘Art & Craft’, ‘Dance’, ‘Games’ and ‘English Public Speaking were included. It helped them to make new friends and develop their social skills. They were also given an opportunity to showcase their talents on the finale which was much appreciated by all parents. It helped them to overcome stage fright and emerged as confident individuals.


Student Talk on the topic ‘Being Responsible’ was held on December 7th for grade 1.


Selected senior KG teachers attended workshop as part of CPD on the topic “Primary Education in Contemporary World” – Issues and Challenges on December 4th at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai organised by Nexgen Events.

CPD program on E-Learning was organised on December 6th & 13th. This training helped us to determine the level and effectiveness of some of our teachers in using ‘Interactive White Boards’.

Basic Leadership Course was held on December 9th & 10th for our staff at Canadian University Dubai.

A two day intensive program titled ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditors’ Training was conducted on December 10th & 11th for the staff members of our school. The trainer was Ms. Jayanthi Dorairaj from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited. Twelve staff members were selected to attend the training. The purpose of this training was to get trained Internal Auditors to check and implement high quality for effective functioning of all departments in the school.


Music Competition was conducted on December 15th at Spring Dales School, Dubai. Our students mesmerized the audience with their musical rendition. They were confident with their tune and rhythm. The IHS team bagged the third position. They were awarded with a winning cup.