School News January 2019

February 6, 2019


KG 1

Grand Parents Day was celebrated on January 7th & 8th. During this day, students gave their best performance beyond measure to entertain their grandparents. Different games were organised for grandparents and the first three winners were awarded with gifts. They were awarded with surprise gifts from their grandchildren and also got opportunities to sing & say few lines regarding the programme held for them.

Group Recitation competition was conducted on January 24th. This competition was an opportunity for students to recite the poem together in a group with confidence, voice modulation, expression and gestures. The best performing class was awarded certificates.

KG 1 & KG 2

PFG was organised on January 30th. Parent representative from each class attended the meeting. Relevant school issues were discussed. Views through suggestions and solutions were shared.

KG 2

An Educational Trip to OliOli was organised from January 6th till 10th. Students enjoyed a fun filled interactive activities. They explored different galleries from learning & discovering science to play and lifelong skills. It was an opportunity for them to gain insights and additional knowledge about science.

Star Class was awarded to divisions ‘A & G’ and Green Class to divisions ‘H & M’ on January 10th. This activity helped to make students aware on the importance of cleanliness and discipline. Supervisor and coordinators observed the classes during class hours & break time to check on the discipline in class and corridors. Dustbins were also checked to see that there was no wastage of paper and food. Dazzling Stars of Kidzy, Best in Arabic, Sports Champion and Best in Reading were also awarded.

Drawing Competition (Art & Craft) was conducted on January 9th. During this competition, students were given a theme and accordingly they drew and used different colours. They were judged on the basis of the stroke used, creativity, imagination and colouring within the lines & usage of colours.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Sharing & Caring’ was held on January 14th. Students from classes ‘S & T’ performed a short presentation about the topic. They conveyed the importance of sharing and caring to one another especially to the needy. They also highlighted about the “Year of Tolerance”.

A Field Trip to Al Barsha Pond Park was organised on January 17th. This trip was an opportunity for students to play with the other students, learn about the environment, awareness of the beauty of mother nature and how to take care of them. They enjoyed the play area and teachers tour them around the park. It also helped to enhance their social skills.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘All About India’ was held on January 21st with mass participation of divisions ‘U & V’. Through this assembly, students showcased and spoke about the national symbols, landmarks and leaders of India. Dance was also performed. It created awareness among them on the significance of the different symbols and their meaning.

Handwriting Competition was conducted on January 24th. Students were given a paragraph to copy from the board. They are judged based on their handwriting, punctuation and spacing. It aimed to imbibe the habit of good handwriting and proper spacing.

Grades 1 to 4

FA 3 (Formative Assessment 3) was conducted from January 6th till 14th. The purpose of this assessment was to collect detailed information about learning that can be used in improving instruction and student learning. It also helped to modify teaching & learning activities and improve student attainment.

Grade 1 & 2

Parent Focus Group (Sectional) was organised on January 30th for boys and on January 31st for girls. The objective of this meeting was to promote interaction between the Supervisor and the parents. It also helped to encourage an association between the supervisors and teachers wherein through a discussion they generated the parent’s opinion and feedback on the curriculum, school academics, co- curricular activities, welfare program & other policies of the school.

Grade 1 (Girls)

Spell Bee Competition was conducted on January 31st. The objective of this competition for students was to improve and advance their skills associated with good spelling habits. It also helped to expand their vocabulary and encourage accurate word usage & pronunciation.

Grade 1 & 2 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Power of Seven - Unity among 7 Emirates’ was held on January 15th with mass participation of grade 1 division ‘G’. This day was an opportunity to harness the talents of students. It also made them aware of the importance of unity among seven Emirates.

Thematic Assemblies titled ‘Republic Day’ and ‘Team Work’ were conducted on January 22nd & 29th with mass participation of grade 1 divisions ‘I & K’ respectively. The purpose of these assemblies was to harness talents of various performers and ensure mass participation. It was also an opportunity for students to showcase their skills.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Resilience and Perseverance’ was conducted on January 22nd with mass participation of grade 1 division ‘V’. The objective of this assembly was to encourage individual participation of students and to enhance their oral skills by performing a skit in English, speech in Hindi, song in Arabic. It was also an opportunity for them to perform with their peers, to learn and to share their knowledge. It created awareness among them about the importance the topic. PPT, video & explanation and use of ICT materials to capture & stimulate the interest of the audience were included.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘The Man Who Turned the Desert Green’ scheduled on January 29th is postponed (date yet to decide) due to conflict with other school program / activity and unavailability of the venue.

Annual Day was held on January 31st. Through this day, students showcased a variety of dances. It helped to encourage them, to foster team spirit & cooperation, encourage mass participation and build their confidence. It also enhanced their speaking, acting and dancing skills.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Student Council Meeting planned to be held on January 15th and Thematic Assemblies scheduled for January 16th & 30th are postponed to February due to Republic Day practices.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Thematic Assemblies titled ‘Know your Motherland- Republic Day of India’ and ‘Cyber Bullying’ were conducted on January 16th & 30th with mass participation of grade 3 divisions ‘T & U’. Students presented the topic in English Hindi and Arabic languages.

Annual Day planned to be held on January 17th is postponed to February as advised by the Headmistress due to Republic Day program and other areas that got delayed.

Parent Focus Group (PFG Sectional) was organised on January 30th. Through these meeting parents, teacher & supervisor discussed the common agendas and various other aspects on school policies, procedure & co-curricular activities. It was an opportunity to work together for the betterment of the section. It also helped to encourage association between school & parents by understanding parent’s opinion and gathering their feedback.

Student Council meeting was held on January 31st. The topic of discussion for the meeting was ‘Best Practices of the school: Implementation of 3 R’s (United in Knowledge). They were also engaged in a fun based learning– a Quiz was conducted (happy learners). Smart systems and devices were also used as a basis for all teaching methods, projects and research. It helped them to be innovative, creative & collaborative and to improve their critical thinking skills. Awareness, precaution, economically thinking and environment friendly were the character traits they also learnt.


D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) was held on January 10th. Students dropped down everything and read a story of their choice on a particular time slot. It made everybody eager and keen to read their respective book. It aimed to stimulate a love for reading, emphasize the importance of reading, inculcate passion for reading, motivate to read and enhance vocabulary.

Republic Day of India was celebrated on January 26th at Senior School campus. On this day, unity in diversity was exhibited through a cultural performance to mark the 70th Republic Day of India and the Indian Democracy.


Arabic Group Read Aloud competition was conducted on January 15th for grade 2 boys. The objective of this competition for students was to enjoy reading in a group, to encourage reading, enhance their skill of reading aloud with rhythm, flow & accuracy and encourage mass participation. The entire class read a story aloud, competed with the other classes and used age appropriate reading material to read with intonation & facial expression. The three best classes were awarded certificate of merit. The decision of the judges was based on reading skills criteria.

Arabic Recitation competition planned to be held on January 28th for grade 1 boys is postponed to February due to conflict with other school program.


Literacy Fest was conducted on January 21st. This fest featured a variety of presentations and all the Indian Schools in UAE were invited to participate. Various types of competition took place like elocution, read aloud, declamation and JAM. It aimed to improve & advance the skills associated with good reading & speaking habits, enhance public speaking skills, overcome stage fright and develop confidence, fluency & proper speaking skills. It also helped to expand their vocabulary & pronunciation, to promote the spirit of healthy competition and to develop understanding of socio-economic cultural & political issues.


Best Out of Waste by Environment Club 3 & 4 girls was organised on January 3rd. The purpose of this activity was to develop an interest and creativity skills of the students and understanding of their knowledge about the ‘Best out of Waste’. They exhibited their creativity skills and hidden abilities. Certificates of appreciation were given to them.


Parent Talks on the topic ‘Making Learning Fun’ for KG 1 parents and ‘Transition to Grade 1’ for KG 2 parents were held on January 11th. These talks helped educate KG 1 parents to make learning fun for their ward and for KG 2 parents to prepare their ward for challenges of grade 1.

A Student Talk on the topic ‘Inside Out’ was conducted on January 24th for grade 3 boys. Through this talk, students learnt to get in touch with their feelings and identify them correctly.

A Student Talk on the topic ‘Self-Control’ will be conducted on January 29th for grade 4 boys. This talk helped students to develop their intrinsic control to set limits on the screen time.

Student Talks on the topic ‘Be in Control’ were organised on January 29th for grade 1 girls and on January 30th for grade 1 boys. The objective of these talks was to educate students to develop self-control over their thoughts, words and actions.


E-Learning training tentatively planned from January 6th till 31st is rescheduled to February.


Inter-House Tournament (Badminton & Table Tennis) was conducted on January 28th for grade 3 & 4 girls. This tournament was an opportunity for students to apply the sports that they have learnt in their respective games and coaching classes. Medals and certificates were given to the winners.

Inter-Class Basketball Skills competition scheduled on January 9th for grade 1 & 2 is postponed (date yet to be confirmed) due to Republic Day rehearsals and unavailability of the venue.

Annual Sports Day planned on January 30th & 31st for grade 1 & 2 respectively is postponed to second half of February due to conflict with other school program / activity.