School News November 2019

December 8, 2019


KG 1

Children’s Day / Free Hand Drawing Competition were held on November 14th. In honour of the great Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, students dressed up like Chacha Nehru and some came in Indian traditional dress. A short programme, a mascot, students’ face painting and free hand drawing competition to display their drawing skills were also arranged.

Food Fest was conducted on November 24th. During this fest, different food items from home were brought. Parent volunteers came to help & cooperate on preparing the table and serving the food. Students had the chance to select their own food and enjoyed & shared healthy foods with their friends.

PTCS (Term 2) was organised on November 25th. Parents and teachers had the opportunity to discuss their student’s progress and shared ideas on how to improve their performance in school.

KG 2

Star Classes / Green Classes were awarded on November 3rd. Students were observed during class hours & break time to check students’ discipline in class, as well as in the corridors. Dustbins were also checked to see that there was no wastage of paper and food. It made them aware on how important cleanliness and discipline is.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Mother Earth’ scheduled on November 4th was cancelled due to conflict of section activities.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. This day aimed to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, who, due to his love for children was fondly known as Chacha Nehru. It also helped to emphasize on the importance of giving love, attention and affection to children. Students spent the day with fulfilled activities like bookmark making, face painting, movie with popcorn and mascot. Chocolates were also given.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘All About UAE’ was held on November 25th. During this assembly, divisions ‘M & N’ presented a short performance on the topic. They recited the Holy Quran, spoke in Arabic language about why we are celebrating UAE National Day and ended up with Arabic dance. It created awareness among students about UAE National Day and its importance to the history.

PTCS was organised on November 26th. This fruitful session made parents aware of their ward’s performance in the class. Teachers got a chance to have a one on one discussion about students’ performance with their parents. They discussed the progress & behavior of the students and their area of concern.

Grades 1 to 4

FA 2 (Formative Assessment) was conducted from November 10th till 18th. The purpose of this assessment was to collect detailed information learning that can be used in improving instruction and student learning. It helped to modify the teaching - learning activities and improve student attainment.

Grade 1 & 2 (Girls)

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. This day was filled with fun activities for students. Teachers performed some skits and dance to make them happy. They celebrated with full passion and had lots of fun.

Thematic Assembly titled “Children’s Day - we are the world, we are the children” was held on November 19th. During this assembly, students from grade 1 divisions ‘H & I’ gave speech about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and performed a skit in English, Hindi & Arabic languages. It helped them know about the struggle of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru towards our country and his importance in our daily life. It also encouraged celebrating the Children’s Day.

PTCS scheduled on November 28th was postponed to December 4th as per instruction given by Headmistress.

Grade 1 (Boys)

Hindi Elocution was conducted on November 24th. The purpose for students was to enhance their language skills and exhibit poetic skills in Hindi. They recited poems in Hindi which boosted their confidence to display their poetic skills.

Grade 1 & 2 (Boys)

SSCS was organised on November 4th. This session was a fruitful contact session between parents and teachers to build on the existing strength of the students. Progress / concerns of selected students in key areas of their development were shared to parents.

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. Students learnt about the significance of this day through drama, speech and skit in class including the major role of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Short fun event to entertain them were also included.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘We are the World, We are the People’ was held on November 19th with mass participation of grade 2 division ‘M’. This assembly aimed to develop awareness on the importance of global unity and respect for the entire race of humanity. Students learnt to form strong bonds with peers and amidst social circles. They also realized that it takes acceptance of diversity to be truly united.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘International Day of Tolerance’ was held on November 25th with mass participation of grade 2 division ‘Q’. The objective was to inculcate the value of tolerance amidst peers & family and recognize the importance of fitting in a diverse society. Students were able to respond positively to differences in opinions, religion, food, culture and habits among friends, family & relatives.

PTCS & SSCS was organised on November 28th. Parents were briefed on the progress and concern areas of their ward to strengthen academic goals. It aimed to share the strengths and next steps with parents regarding the performance in the first formative assessment. It was a fruitful contact session between parents and teachers to build on the existing strengths of the students.

Grade 2 (Boys)

Talent Search was conducted on November 6th. Students showcased their talent in dancing and gained confidence to express performing arts. It was an opportunity for them to express talent and develop respect for peers.

Grade 3 & 4

Children’s Day was celebrated on November 14th. Through this day, students celebrated childhood with great pomp and show. It helped to promote awareness about children’s welfare and wellbeing. Teachers also performed various dance program and skit to show their love, affection & care towards them. They also knew the life and work of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Grade 4

Qirat Competition was conducted on November 4th. The purpose was to inculcate among students the love of reciting the Holy Quran. It also helped to build & strengthen the relationship between Tahfeezul Quran and Tajweed. It also encouraged reciting Surah with Tajweed.

Grade 3 (Girls)

Hindi Spell Bee Competition was conducted on November 27th. This competition provided a valuable educational experience for students. It also helped them improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop the correct usage.

Grade 3 & 4 (Girls)

Day Camp was organised on November 19th. Students enjoyed the Legoland Dubai Park trip. It was an opportunity to make learning fun with interactive games, rides and presentations.

Emirate Culture Week was held from November 24th to 27th. During this week, students brought Arabic food & shared with their peers, spoke in Arabic language and presented PPT on UAE Culture. It helped them understand about the importance of Emirati UAE Culture.

PTCS & SSCS were organised on November 28th. Through these sessions, parents were provided guidelines on how they could support and encourage their wards to be successful learners. Students’ performance in class was also discussed.

Grade 4 (Girls)

Islamic Elocution was conducted on November 13th. Through this competition, students were able to understand the facts of Islam.

Arabic Read Aloud competition was held on November 21st. The purpose was to inculcate good reading habits among students, hone their Arabic reading skills and develop competitive spirit. All classes were able to read aloud their stories with proper expression, voice modulation, pronunciation and intonation.

Student Council meeting was organised on November 27th for members. This meeting helped students in gaining self-confidence, time management skills, to be disciplined & organized and development of leadership skills.

Grade 3 & 4 (Boys)

Hindi Declamations were conducted on November 3rd for grade 3 and on November 4th for grade 4. These competitions helped students to enhance their public speaking skills, build up confidence and make them fluent in conversation. It also helped them to meet the grade level standards, express oneself on the given topic, promote the use of intonation, facial & vocal expression and develop their skill of speaking & communicating. It enabled them to use Hindi in real life situations.

Camp / Picnic was organised on November 19th. Cool boys’ campers spent their day at Legoland. They enjoyed various rides and a sumptuous lunch at the theme park. It was also an opportunity for them to experience diverse learning while spending time together with their teachers, friends and peers. It helped to bridge the gap between education and hands-on experience.

Student Council meeting titled ‘UAE Model of Tolerance’ was organised on November 25th for members. Conferences and platforms for dialogue on Tolerance were organised. It helped to enrich the scientific and cultural content on tolerance in order to highlight the UAE as a global capital of tolerance. It also helped them turn into well-develop individuals who achieve their full potential and contribute positively to the society. They also got sense of proud feeling to the heritage and culture of UAE.

Grade 4 (Boys)

Adhan Competition was conducted on November 24th. This competition helped to encourage students to learn Adhan properly and to inculcate their love for it.


Literary Festival was held on November 26th for grades 1 to 4. Students from different schools participated on a common platform for exchanging their ideas, displaying talents and other literary activities. They featured a variety of presentations and expressed story & verse with expression and intonation. It aimed to promote the spirit of healthy competition, enhance vocabulary, recitation & memorization skills, promote love for reading, encourage them to be passionate about literature and provide an excellent opportunity to enhance their English language. They were able to display their literary skills and thereby gain confidence to perform in front of an audience. The winners were awarded certificates and the winning school in most of the categories was awarded the Rolling Trophy.


UAE National Day was celebrated on November 27th. Students celebrated the unity in diversity by giving speech on National day, indulging in Arabic song, dance & skit, participating in various related activities and parade at the school quadrangle. It helped them learn & appreciate the historical cultural importance of UAE and to educate them the values & importance of celebrating National Day. It was also an opportunity for them to show their happiness, respect & gratitude towards the rulers, citizens and nation in general. It marks the UAE's Union Day between the seven emirates.


Field Trips were organised from November 3rd to 6th for Grade 3 & 4 Environment Club members. These educational trips were an opportunity for students to experienced store tour. They visited the bakery section, vegetable & fruit section and the indoor plant arrangement.

Public Speaking Competition (Inter House) on the topics ‘Expo 2020 - connecting minds, creating the future’, ‘World Expo 2020 in Dubai’ and ‘Expo 2020, a platform for innovation’ was conducted on November 27th for grade 3 & 4 Environment Club members. The objective was to develop confidence while speaking, enhance speaking skills and spreads awareness among students on various environmental issues. Their content, diction & expression, fluency & voice modulation and clarity were the criteria for selection.


Talks for Students on the topic ‘Bullying’ were conducted on November 3rd for grade 3 girls and on November 4th for grade 3 boys. These talks aimed to help students understand the different aspects of bullying and how to deal with it along with a pledge against Bullying.

Training on the topics ‘Assessment Tool Training’ for Counsellors and ‘CDA Licensing & Procedures’ for new Counsellors was held on November 16th. This training helped counsellors to use effectively the Assessment Tool. It also helped them understand the licensing procedures in Dubai.


Training on the topics ‘Multiple Intelligences’, ‘Learning Styles’ and ‘My Personal Journey as a Special Needs Child to a Therapist’ was conducted on November 16th for LSA. The purpose was to help LSA’s to get a deeper understanding of the topics. It also helped them understand the challenges faced by a special needs child.


Lecture on “Getting Inclusion Right” was conducted on November 4th at University of Birmingham Dubai for IST Leaders. Through this lecture, some of the global challenges and report on four instances of where these challenges have been overcome, leading to successful inclusion was reflected.

CPD Program on E-Learning- “Use of Interactive White Boards” was held from November 5th till 19th. This training helped to determine the level and effectiveness of teachers in using the interactive white boards.


Inter-House Tournaments (Chess, Badminton) were conducted on November 6th & 7th for grade 3&4 girls and boys respectively. These tournaments were an opportunity for students to apply the skills, techniques and strategies they have learned in their respective games classes.

Dubai Fitness Challenge – 30x30 was concluded on November 16th. The objective was to make everyone fit. The entire IHS community was involved in this challenge. It was a 30 days 30 minutes exercise program. Sports students from grade 3 & 4 were also invited to participate in the fitness activity at Kite Beach in Jumeirah. They were involved in aerobic, dancing, different fitness stations and other fun-filled fitness activities. It was an opportunity for them to learn the importance of fitness.

CBSE (UAE) Cluster Skating Championship 2019 was held on November 13th & 14th for age group under-8 years at Springdales School Dubai. Two students from grade 2 qualified to represent our school at the CBSE Nationals which was held at Karnataka, India later.