Goa Super Cup 2018

May 22, 2018

Our school Football teams boys (under 11 years and two teams of under 13 years) participated in the Goa Super Cup 2018, organized by the Football School of India, held at Goa (India) from 9th May to 13th May, 2018.

In under 11 years our school was placed in ‘Group A’ along with Scottish Strikers, Football School of India Vasi, JBCN Parel, we won all our league matches beating JBCN Parel 4 – 1, FSI Vasi 7 – 0. Scottish Striker 6 – 0. In the semi-finals our team defeated Gr. Football Academy 2 – 0. In the finals we beat Scottish Strikers Mumbai 1 – 0 and won the trophy.