School News March 2020

April 26, 2020


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Open House scheduled on March 25th was cancelled due to the prevailing international crisis.

Grades 5 to 8

Annual Examination was concluded on March 4th. Other exams were cancelled due to COVID19 lockdown.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

Open House scheduled on March 26th was cancelled due to COVID19 lockdown.

Grade 9

Annual Examination was concluded on March 3rd. This exam helped students to evaluate their understanding of the concepts learnt in the class and allow them to monitor their learning.

Grade 11 (Girls)

Annual Exams from March 10th onwards was cancelled due to COVID19 lockdown.

Bridge Classes online begins on March 15th. These classes gave students the confidence and skills for successful transition to grade 12 syllabus and topics.

Online Declaration of Results was organized on March 22nd.

Grade 11 (Boys)

Annual Examinations was concluded on March 12th.

Bridge Classes were taken in the school campus on March 19th followed by virtual digital classes from home started on March 22nd.

Grade 12 (Boys)

CBSE Board Theory examination was concluded on March 24th. All the CBSE theory exams were completely successfully, amid COVID -19. However, Business Studies and Home Science exams were cancelled on account of the pandemic.


World Scholar Cup planned on March 20th & 21st was postponed by the organisers till June, 2020 due to COVID19. The next date will be decided based on the present pandemic situation.


Annual Trainings on the topics ‘ADHD’, ‘Anxiety, Self-Esteem’, ‘Memory: making it easier to think, learn & remember’ and ‘Written Expression’ were conducted from March 12th till 22nd for Counsellors, Special Educators and LSAs. These trainings provided a deep insight into the different aspects of ADHD with strategies that can be used for school children. A better understanding of the different factors and manifestations of anxiety with strategies to handle was given. Theory, symptoms and strategies of self-esteem were explained. The different aspects of memory with reference to thinking, learning and remembering were dealt with extensively. An introduction and the manifestations of written expression along with strategies in a progressive way were explained with activities.